Great Guitar Lessons in Glossop

Guitar & Ukulele lessons with Richard Chapman

Richard is a very experienced and encouraging teacher who really enjoys teaching both adults and children. He aims to make lessons fun and approachable whilst giving students a solid foundation in technique and musicality. Richard allows lessons to be very adaptable so that students can follow their musical aspirations.

Richard teaches a variety of styles including Rock, Pop & Classical and regularly incorporates songs by artists such as Sam Mendes and Ed Sheeran into his lessons. Many of his students go on to achieve excellent results in guitar and ukulele examinations.

Richard studied at Trinity College of Music, London and besides teaching, regularly plays as a concert classical guitarist.

Richard’s guitar lessons cover a wide spectrum of instrumental skills. Whether you have a specific goal or just want to learn for pleasure, he can help.

Starting at £13.00 for 20 minutes and pay as you go!

Adult Guitar Lessons

Beginning or restarting music lessons as an adult can be a little daunting but adult students time and time again prove how worthwhile and fulfilling it can be to learn an instrument as an adult.

Guitar and Ukulele Examinations in Glossop

Practical examinations are an excellent way of developing technical skills and musicianship, allowing students to tackle music that might have previously been too challenging.  Students find the success of achieving good exam results helps to inspire and motivate them.


Most practical examinations are made up of selected pieces, scales & arpeggios, sight-reading & aural tests. Students will receive consistent teaching and support in all these areas.

Music Lessons
For Adults & Children

There is no age limit when learning music. We teach music to students of all ages and levels.

Online Music Lessons

If you're pushed for time why not book up an online music lesson.