Piano & Keyboard Lessons in Glossop

Piano & Keyboard lessons with Leila & Richard Chapman

Leila's & Richard's piano lessons incorporate the fundamental techniques of classical playing whilst offering students the chance to play more popular styles such as pop, jazz & Disney tunes.


Their students achieve excellent exam results and are encouraged to develop in a way that fits their musical tastes and aspirations.


Leila is particularly gifted at teaching children and has an ability to install confidence into her students due to her empathy and patience.

Leila was a junior student at Trinity College of Music, London and went on to obtain her London College of Music teaching diploma. Leila has twenty years of teaching experience.

Starting at £13.00 for 20 minutes and pay as you go!

Leila's music lessons can be catered for all types and ages of students. Whether you have a specific goal or just want to learn for pleasure, she can help.

Piano & Keyboard Examinations in Glossop

Leila is continually preparing students for ABRSM School exams. She has a great deal of experience teaching across all the grades ( 1-8 ).


Practical examinations are an excellent way of developing technical skills and musicianship, allowing students to tackle music that might have previously been beyond them.  Students find the success of achieving good exam results inspires and motivates them.


Most practical examinations are made up of selected pieces, scales & arpeggios, sight-reading & aural tests. Students will receive consistent teaching and support in all these areas.

Music Lessons
For Adults & Children

There is no age limit when learning music. We teach music to students of all ages and levels

 Flexible Music Lesson Pricing

Starting at £13.00 for 20 minutes 

and pay as you go!

Online Music Lessons 

If you're pushed for time why not book up an online music lesson.