Live Online Music Lessons

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Live Online Music Lessons For Piano, Guitar, Ukulele & Woodwind

 Live Online Music Lessons is a very effective way to learn an instrument. 

With Zoom or Skype video conferencing you can get live online lessons that are just as effective as face to face lessons. In fact students that have recently taken instrumental exams have achieved equally good results from being taught online. 

 Why not try an online music lesson? Online lessons save time and scheduling is flexible.

Duo Lessons: why not start learning an instrument with a friend? Shared lessons are fun & a great way to learn.



All that's needed to get started is a tablet, PC or mobile with a good internet connection and your instrument.

Adult Guitar Lessons

Starting music lessons as an adult can be a little daunting but time and time again adult students prove how worthwhile it can be to learn an instrument.